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CAD Vectorization - Make your floor plans fit for the future!

Our experienced and competent specialists digitize your floor plans with the help of modern CAD software. We will handle your floor plan with many years of experience in the field of CAD vectorization. Let us take this time-consuming work off your hand. The team of offers you an all-round service. With us, you can bring your property into the 21st century and turn analog into digital. Whether scanning old floor plans, creating new construction plans or virtual tours – we are your reliable partner for your project.

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CAD vectorization at the best price

Our services are based on profound experience in the industry and an excellent price-performance ratio. Our whole team consists of dedicated engineers who will support you on your way to digital floor plans. Through fast service and solid support, we offer our customers not only a convincing end result, but a highly positive experience with Floorplan Digital. By working closely with the customers, we always adapt the floor plans to their ideas. We distinguish ourselves through transparency and good communication.

If you are also looking for a professional floor plan, in two or three dimensional format, then contact us now. You will benefit from our experience in the industry and the detailed work of our designers. See for yourself!

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From building surveying to floor plan drawing and professional CAD vectorization

Basically, old floor plans or apartment plans are unwieldy and impractical in many ways. As a property owner, you have probably already dealt with big old plans or obscure scans. In daily practice, such floor plans are unsuitable for sales purposes due to the poor quality or the out-of-date format. Moreover, your prospective customers would find it difficult to make a decision with these floor plans.

Let your floor plans become your weapon instead of an obstacle! With our elegant CAD vectorization solutions, we can turn your original floor plan into one with full sales potential!

Following our company philosophy “We digitize, you benefit”, we at will relieve you of the complex and time-consuming work. Knowing how valuable digitized floor plans are in marketing and planning, we provide you with a strong sales tool.

With us, your floor plans and ideas are not only possible, but desirable!

Digital floor plans in the desired file format

After the CAD vectorization by our experts, you will receive CAD files (.dwg / .dxf) including different layers and layouts. In addition, we provide numerous customization options by prior arrangement. Depending on your specifications, we offer modular layers, layouts, line types, thicknesses, text types and hatches that can be integrated into your digitized plans.

Transfer your old data into your digital floor plan with our CAD vectorization

What’s more, digital floor plans from are not only beautiful and sales-promoting but also practical. If you already have drawings, measurements, fire brigade maps or other usable information of your property, we will work them into your floor plan. Even if you only have these maps in paper form, our experts can take over the old data and integrate them into the your own digitized plan.

Paper drawings with handwritten entries are no problem for us in any case. Our experts will work them into your already digitized floor plans with our powerful CAD programs. The same applies to measurements and inventory plans. We pay attention to your personal requests and wishes in particular when creating your floor plan.

It goes without saying that we carefully control every single step of the digitization process to ensure consistently high quality.

Call now and have your floor plan digitised!

Are you interested in our services in the field of CAD vectorization and do you already have your floor plans at hand? Do you have any questions about the process of our CAD vectorization or other products and services from our portfolio?

Then contact us now! We can be reached Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on 030 339 3874-0 . You are welcome to send us an email to and attach your scanned floor plans for an initial assessment. looks forward to you and your project!

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